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This page lists primarily the non-fiction articles on this site and my other personal pages; I also have a number of articles and essays on IROSF.

Women's Writing

Pen and Metaphor: The Gendering of Writing

The Literary Fate of the Woman Artist: Elizabeth Stuart Phelps's The Story of Avis

The Aphra Behn Page
   My Aphra Behn site has been on the net since 1995, and I recently noticed that an excerpt from one of the essays on the page has even been translated into Portuguese. My fiction has yet to reach that status. : )
   The page includes a chronology of Behn's life and works, two longer articles in German, and the following essays in English:
   Behn and racism
   Women in the Restoration theater
   The beginnings of the female narrative voice

Cyberspace and Hypertext

Cyberbooks and Virtual Libraries: Hypertext and its Implications for Literature.
Reviewed in Analog in July 1995.

"Male" Technology, Feminist Dystopias and the Promise of Cyberspace

"Do you want to hear about it?": The Use of the Second Person in Electronic Fiction


The Civil War in Popular Fiction: Gone With the Wind and After

Literature at the End of the Century (1890 - 1918)

An Introduction to Tom Jones

The Augustan Age


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